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Things to do in March & April in Louisville & Southern Indiana

20 things you can do in March and April

1. Play with my new home search app and let me know your feedback - click here to download it
2. Refinance your mortgage to get a lower monthly payment - bonus: the $$$ you save each month can be redirected into a savings account for retirement or an investment property or the stock market, all of which are on sale right now
3. Attend an online webinar on how to buy investment properties - ask me for details on how to view our next webinar
4. Find out what your home is worth in today's market
5. Look at houses by doing a video call with me while I walk through the house for you - you don't have to leave your house to look at one
6. Or you could look at houses in person - I will provide the hand sanitizer, masks and gloves
7. Spring clean and get rid of clothes and items you no longer want or need - we'll pick them up and donate them for you - just email us what you want to give
8. Do some repairs and updates to your home that will help it sell quicker. The easiest update is light gray paint and black hardware and brushed nickel fixtures. - click here for Heidi Fore's complete checklist We are happy to give you advice if you want to do a virtual video consultation.
9. Stage your house to make your rooms look bigger - move all the items that you aren't using everyday into the storage room, including extra furniture pieces that aren't needed, boxes of stuff you rarely open, and things that sit on the countertops that you don't use all the time
10. Clean out your car
11. You can get Beach Body On Demand free fitness videos for 14 days free and move your body to improve your energy level
12. Write letters - write that person you've been thinking about, or sort the stacks of mail on your counter (we all have them!)
13. Do taxes... bleh... definitely the most boring on this list
14. Teach your kids: how to bake, pull weeds, stain the deck, fix a flat, balance a checkbook, make a budget
15. Online yoga, stretching, or barre classes
16. YouTube some dance classes - in your home is the perfect place to perfect your moves before going out in public again
17. Cincinnati Zoo does Facebook live everyday at 3:00pm here
18. Baker Hunt Art And Cultural Center does a daily art project here
19. Cincinnati Art Museum does a program everyday at 1:00 and a family art project Fridays at 2:00 here
20. Play board games with other families virtually using Zoom or Google Meet

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