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Perfect Time to Sell Your Home: Does it Exist in Louisville?

Last week Trulia published a blog titled, ‘5 Ways to Pick the Perfect Time to Sell.’ It was a great article that highlighted important times of the year to consider, such as the holiday calendar and tax season. It also begged the question: is there REALLY a perfect time to sell your home? The short answer to that question is yes, and that perfect time is always.

While it may sound cliché you shouldn’t let the time of the year stop you from putting your home on the market. The aforementioned factors give your home a better chance, sure…but it all starts with having the right agent on your side. If your home is reasonably priced and staged correctly you will find that it doesn’t matter if you list in January or July. The Tax Calendar factor says you will find a flood of motivated buyers in mid-April while the Academic Calendar says you will do well listing in the summer when parents make it their goal to get settled before school starts in the Fall. Furthermore, an article published on the FOX Business website stated that November, December and January are the best months to sell due to supply and demand. The different calendars will attract different buyers at various times of the year but the buyers will always be there.

Another aspect of the process that makes it harder to peg a certain month as the best time to sell is your geographic location. Not in the sense of weather but in terms of the city or state’s culture. Here in Louisville when you hear the trumpets blaring at Churchill Downs on the first Saturday of May it not only marks the beginning of the Kentucky Derby…it signals great potential for your house to be seen and sold. This is due to several reasons: Saturday is the most important day of the week in real estate because people aren’t working and those that are in the market will spend the day looking at homes. The Kentucky Derby in particular will bring in some individuals and families looking to potentially relocate to Louisville from around the country and the world.  Other events, such as the St. James Court Art Show and the Kentucky State Fair, introduce great potential as well.  

No matter what time of the year you are selling your home it starts with finding the right agent to help you along the way. Our two listing specialists, Sean Fore and Katie Wells, have years of experience in the industry and know Louisville like the back of their hands. Sean specializes in Indian Hills, Germantown and the Highlands while Katie is very familiar with the east end, the Highlands, and Fern Creek. You can call Katie at (502) 741-1366 and Sean at (502) 817-7578 today to get the process started!

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