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Keeping Your Resolutions in 2014

Every year on January 1st the level of motivation and determination of millions of Americans is at an all-time high. Many feel inspired to create a better life through popular resolutions such as losing weight, paying off debt, and breaking bad habits. However those resolutions come crashing down weeks and, sometimes, days later as those resolutions become harder and harder to keep. Yet the next year the same people go into the New Year with the same goals and resolutions. Why is it so hard to accomplish goals that we set for ourselves during the New Year?

As the ball drops to mark the beginning of 2014 and gyms and healthy grocery stores are flooded with new members it’s important to know that there are things that you should keep in mind when tackling these resolutions. Every person on the planet only has a limited amount of willpower before they have to get a donut or skip a day at the gym; it’s simply a matter of expending your energy, time and resources efficiently and effectively. Read below to find some great tips to sticking to your 2014 resolutions!

Don’t do it alone. Accountability is one of the biggest things that will stick in your mind when you are contemplating skipping a bill payment or a day at the gym. If you know that you have to share your progress with a friend or family member you are far more likely to stick with your resolution for a longer period of time. You are more likely to get honest feedback, a boost of needed inspiration and encouragement, and the feeling that you are not alone.

Create a system that works for you. Whatever you resolution(s) may be it’s crucial to create a system to complement your goals. This system should include your written down goals, a tracking method, reward implementation, and a clear outline of why you are doing this in the first place as a reminder. For example, if you are looking to save a particular amount for vacation figure...

4th Annual Dam(aged) Good(s) Holiday Show this Saturday

The 4th annual Dam Good Holiday Show is taking place this Saturday December 28th at The Bard’s Town on Bardstown Road at 7:30 p.m. Damaged Goods is a Louisville-based improv group that has entertained people across the country through games and crowd interaction. In 2013 they entertained audiences in Nashville and Chicago and they are commonly referred to as “The Best Improv South of Chicago”.

Damaged Goods use high energy and fun games to entertain crowds, something they have done for 3 years since they banded together. In 2011 the group was chosen as the 3rd place winner of "Best Comedian" and the 3rd place winner of "Best Performing Arts Group" by the LEO Reader's Choice Awards.

Tickets are $10, making this event a very affordable Saturday night out. The Bard's Town offers great food and drinks as well. To learn more about this group visit the website of Damaged Goods.

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