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Four Alternatives to Raking The Leaves in Your Yard

Fall is one of the best seasons for aesthetics, especially in areas like Louisville, Southern Indiana, Northern Kentucky, and Cincinnati. All of these areas are fortunate enough to get a full effect of all four seasons year round. Fall is symbolized by many things to many people, but the changing colors of the leaves are by far one of the most recognizable. The leaves slowly float off of the trees and scatter across your yard in September and October and it lets you know that fall has really arrived.

For some homeowners the leaves turn out to be a burden. They associate taking care of their home and lawn with a green yard and no leaves. However there are quite a few alternatives to having to rake up the leaves and throw them in large, black trash bags. Here are four alternatives:

1. Mow them with your lawnmower

When you can hear the crunch beneath your shoes from the leaves across your lawn that means it’s the perfect time to mow them. According to research from Michigan State University keeping mowed leaves in your yard will help with weed growth, which is crucial before the winter months roll around. So pull out your lawnmower, crush them up, and just let them sit…it will surely do more good than bad.

2. Compost

Leaves, when shredded, break down into carbon and can add nutrients to the plants in the ground. There are many benefits, including the fact that it reduces landfill waste, is food for the environment, recycles yard waste, and much more. For a more detailed guide on how to compost head over to

3. Arts and crafts

If you simply don’t have the time for composting and/or you don’t own a lawnmower, you can make it a family affair by creating arts and crafts with the leaves. This is an activity the kids will enjoy and is guaranteed to spark a creative nerve. Some ideas include wax leaf preserving, leaf art, fall wreaths, and much more.

4. Create a pile to jump into!

While this might serve as the most inefficient way to use the leaves in your yard out of the four options, it is probably the most fun! If you plan on raking the leaves anyway, you might as well have some fun along the way and create a monstrous leaf pile!

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