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Ways to Utilize Closet Space

It's about time to do end of the summer cleaning! The struggle of finding space for the kids swimming trunks, floaties, and toys is faced by parents all over the country. The main contributor to this problem is lack of closet space. However, it may just be a lack of efficient organization and not necessarily a space issue.

We have compiled a list of ways to utilize the space in your closet. Let us know any tips you use in your own home in the comment section below!

  • Create a system of organization

Some will organize their clothing by color or type of clothing...whatever the case may be, find something that works for you. Sometimes a source of closet chaos can be due to things being in the wrong place and not where they are supposed to be. If you create and follow a system it will dramatically lessen the clutter in your closet.

  • Install a second hanging bar in your bedroom closet

Many are accustomed to believing that you hang your clothes on the hangers in the closet and then place your shoes on the floor, always leaving an empty gap between the bottom of the hanging clothes and the floor. Depending on the height of the first bar, a second bar can be installed to fill this space. This will ensure that your clothes aren't crammed into a tight space and won't be wrinkled when you are ready to wear them!

  • Turn your closet into...a room?

There are some people that have a closet in an awkward location in their home or they just can't find a logical use for it. One suggestion could be to take the doors off and turn it into an office space. Just picture it: a nice, vibrant coat of paint on the walls, a light installed into the ceiling of the closet, an approrpiately-sized desk to take up most of the room...suddenly a room has been added to your home, increasing the value were you to ever consider selling!

  • Baby changing station, anyone?

If you have a newborn on the way you might consider turning that barely-used closet into a changing station, equipped with a changing bed, a rack for diapers and wipes, and anything else needed. This gives you a separate space to comfortable change diapers as well as free up space in the baby's room where a changing table would've been placed.

  • Use your soda can tabs!

I thought this trick was pretty amazing when I saw it. This is a great, ecofriendly way to save a ton of space in your closet. Check out the short 1-minute video HERE!

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