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Cleaning Out Your Garage for Spring Time

One of the greatest things about winter is that your garage is usually left untouched and how often you take things out and put things back is limited. One of the unappealing things about spring is cleaning out your garage, putting Christmas ornaments away, etc. Unfortunately we are at the point where the former has ended and the latter has arrived. As of today the spring season has officially arrived and the weather is warming up. With the weekend quickly approaching we felt it might be useful to provide you with some great tips on cleaning out your garage.

Believe it or not there is a method to the madness of garage cleaning. It’s something most people dread when spring rolls around but is something you should definitely do; a cluttered garage will eventually lead to a cluttered home. Hopefully the tips below will make the process easier and with as little stress as possible!

Plan a weekend and strategize.

Cleaning out your garage in an efficient and effective manner takes time, so be sure to make time when you don’t have other obligations to attend to. Determine if the size of the job is something you can handle by yourself or if it’s worth calling up a friend or family member to lend a hand.

Yard sale, anyone?

A great way to eliminate a lot of the items that are taking up space in your home and garage is to host a yard sale during a weekend. Saturdays are ideal and many go out with the purpose of looking for yard sales. Hosting a yard sale is practically cleaning your garage out and earning money in the process! If you don’t have any luck try selling on eBay or an online marketplace; worst case scenario is you can give it to the Goodwill if it has little to no value.

Equip your garage with plenty of shelving and storage space.

Be sure to have space to put your items so that it’s not all sitting on the ground; the more floor space, the better. Ideally you want shelves installed into the walls of your garage as opposed to a cabinet that is on the ground. If it’s small and it doesn’t belong on a shelf make sure that you have plastic containers. These containers will hold various items (such as photo albums and non-seasonal clothing) and can be stacked on top of each other.


A very easy way to get your garage out of order once it’s clean is to move things around looking for something you need. This might be unavoidable but having your plastic containers labeled will avoid a lot of unnecessary moving around and save you time.

Have a set place for trash.

Going through the garage there is a good chance you will encounter a good deal of trash depending on the size of the garage. Have trash bags and any accessible trash cans that you may be able to use and, if needed, you can always rent a dumpster for $215 for 7 days in Louisville!

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