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What is an assessment and how does it affect what I can sell my house for?

If you want to skip to the bottom line of this blog post, here it is: you cannot look at the tax assessed value of a property to determine what you could buy it for or sell it for. 
There are about a 1,000 reasons for this. Here are a few:
(1) Assessments change for many reasons. A wife could sell the house to the husband in a divorce. A person could sell the house to their grandkids at a low price.
(2) If there was a short sale, the assessed value would change to the lower value when the new owner buys it.
(3) Property owners can appeal their assessments after purchase to get the assessment lowered so that they can pay lower taxes.
(4) Seller motivation has nothing to do with the tax assessed value. Someone could own a house for 50 years, have a lifetime of memories in that house. It could be in a great location. The tax assessments could have gone up minimally during that time and so that seller could sell their house for much more than what the PVA office says the house is worth. It is all up to the buyers who are buying in that area.

2015 Top Lists or Best Rankings for Louisville

It is no secret to those of us who live here that our city has a lot to offer, and the 2014 media outlets across the country helped spread that enthusiasm. Recently Louisville landed on Travel and Leisure's "Best Places to Travel in 2015" and Fodor's "GO List" for 2015.

In the Food category:

  • Thrillist ranked Louisville No. 16 on "40 Biggest Cities, Ranked by Food" and NuLu No. 13 on the "18 Best Food Neighborhoods in America."
  • Louisville was named one of the seven most underrated food cities by Thrillist.

In the places to “Play” category:

  • Huffington Post said Bourbon and Horse Country in Kentucky is one of 10 Iconic Things You Can Only do in America.
  • Louisville was named a Top Guy's Getaway Weekend by Conde Nast Traveler.
  • Forbes Magazine included Louisville in a roundup of Five Picture-Perfect Vacations for photographers. 
  •  Louisville was named a Best American City for Fall Travel by Travel & Leisure Magazine.
  • Louisville was named one of the "Most Underrated Cities for LGBT Travel" by Conde Nast Traveler.
  • Louisville was ranked 6th in USA Today's list of the "10 Best American Riverfronts."
  • Kentucky Derby Festival was named in the Top 10 Southern Cultural Festivals by 10Best/USA Today.
  • Louisville's Jack O' Lantern Spectacular was named one of the Top 15 Halloween Celebrations in America by Country Living Magazine.

In the category of "reasons to visit" and "reasons to stay":

  •  Forbes said Louisville is one of "5 Surprising People, Places and Things to Watch in 2015."
  • The Brown Hotel and 21c Museum Hotel were named to the "Travel and Leisure 500 World's Best Hotels."
  • 21c Louisville was named one of the world's top hotels by Conde Nast Traveler.
  • Louisville...

How's the Real Estate Market? report for Louisville Kentucky and Southern Indiana

Here is what the market is like today:

How's the Real Estate Market? report for Louisville Kentucky and Southern Indiana

Here is what happened in Louisville real estate last year:

Condos - 6% less on the market right now, and 4% less sold versus same time last year
Houses - 12% less on the market now, 4% less sold this year
Overall sellers are getting 93% of asking price
Homes are selling in 86 days



Boone Kenton County
Number of homes for sale down 12%
Solds are up 4% over the same time last year
People selling their homes are getting 96% of asking price
Homes are selling in 83 days



Floyd and Clark County Home Sales - how we ended...

Is it better to rent or buy?

Deciding on whether to buy or rent is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make!

At some point in life many adults will have an important decision to make: should you buy or rent a home? There are many significant points to consider and there really is no completely right answer. Renting may be the best option for some while buying is the preferable path to take. 

A article released in March 2014 stated that buying a home is now '38% cheaper than renting in the US.' This statistic is based on mortgage rates and home prices in the country, primarily among the 100 largest metro areas. Therefore, how much cheaper or expensive buying is compared to renting can and will change throughout the year. 

It's important to keep in mind that there are several costs associated with both buying and renting. Let's start with renting...

Cost of renting

Rent. As a renter you will obviously have to pay rent to the landlord, which is usually in monthly increments. The lease that you the tenant and your landlord signs will detail how much rent is due every month and the late fee payment.

Utilities. On top of rent you will most likely have to pay utilities, including water, electricity, gas, trash, Internet, cable, etc. Some landlords will bundle utilities with the price of rent.

Broker's fee. If a broker helped you find a place to rent you should expect to pay a fee to the broker for their time and help. This is common with relocations and situations where the tenant isn't familiar enough with the area.

Renter's insurance. Many landlords will require you purchase renter's insurance to protect you and the property from potential damage.

Cost of buying

Mortgage payments. Unless you pay for your home in cash you will have mortgage payments to make. These payments will be determined...

GUEST POST: To Rent or Buy?

Today's blog post comes from George Peterson on behalf of Squires Estates, the independent estate agent in London. George is an avid blogger who loves to blog about property!

To Rent or Buy?

When you're looking to fly the nest and set up in your own home, the main decision you will have to make is whether you want to buy a property and get your foot on the housing ladder, or to rent for the foreseeable future.

Each Situation is Different

Each potential homeowners situation will be different, and there are a number of things to consider before you make that decision, you need to look at your own finances, the state of the housing market and the availability of properties in your chosen area.

Before you decide on whether you want to rent or buy, it's worth keeping a few things in mind:

  • Your current finances and situation
  • The opportunities in your chosen area
  • What mortgage deals are currently available

Finance is seen by many as the biggest hurdle to clear when it comes to owning a property of your own. Indeed, many potential homeowners may find themselves renting for many years before taking the plunge into getting a mortgage, but this may not necessarily be the best option for you at the time.

Renting offers flexibility

Renting does offer the advantage of flexibility when looking in certain areas, as looking for houses will be a long process with much more to consider going forward. By renting first you can give yourself an insight into the area and whether it would be suitable for yourself and your family in the future, so don't feel afraid to test the waters in a new neighbourhood with a short-term rental first.

Another aspect to consider when looking is employment opportunities, particularly...

Perfect Time to Sell Your Home: Does it Exist in Louisville?

Last week Trulia published a blog titled, ‘5 Ways to Pick the Perfect Time to Sell.’ It was a great article that highlighted important times of the year to consider, such as the holiday calendar and tax season. It also begged the question: is there REALLY a perfect time to sell your home? The short answer to that question is yes, and that perfect time is always.

While it may sound cliché you shouldn’t let the time of the year stop you from putting your home on the market. The aforementioned factors give your home a better chance, sure…but it all starts with having the right agent on your side. If your home is reasonably priced and staged correctly you will find that it doesn’t matter if you list in January or July. The Tax Calendar factor says you will find a flood of motivated buyers in mid-April while the Academic Calendar says you will do well listing in the summer when parents make it their goal to get settled before school starts in the Fall. Furthermore, an article published on the FOX Business website stated that November, December and January are the best months to sell due to supply and demand. The different calendars will attract different buyers at various times of the year but the buyers will always be there.

Another aspect of the process that makes it harder to peg a certain month as the best time to sell is your geographic location. Not in the sense of weather but in terms of the city or state’s culture. Here...

Why You Need a Real Estate Agent

In today’s age of technology it’s easy to do things on your own that usually would’ve been done with the help of an agent or company 10 or 20 years ago. Many used to go through travel agencies to plan their vacations and trips but now you can book your flight, hotel, and activities on the same website. If you are a home owner and you are looking to sell your house it’s a lot easier to use various mediums to do it by yourself to avoid having to go through a real estate agent; many home sellers simply look at real estate agents as ‘the people in the middle.’

Many don’t realize, however, how big of an undertaking it is both financially and when it comes to time. If you are working a full time job and trying to satisfy other obligations in your life it will be very difficult to sell your home in a timely manner at 100% listing price. Real estate agents literally spend their time doing this for you and most don’t get paid until you sell your house, which is extra incentive for them to work harder.

Take a look at the info graphic below to learn more about how having a realtor on your side can be greatly beneficial to you.

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St. Matthews Area Guide

The St. Matthews suburb in Louisville is one of the most desired places to live in the entire state...and for good reason! With some of the most beautiful parks in the city, the 2nd largest mall in the state and some of the most delicious restaurants in the area, St. Matthews is respected as a city within a city. As of 2010 St. Matthews had a population of roughly 14,500 people, making it the 20th largest city in the entire state.

St. Matthews, KY is located in the east-end of Louisville and is one of the most conveniently-located suburbs in the entire city. No matter where you are in St. Matthews you will be relatively close to Shelbyville Road, Brownsboro Road, Seneca Park, Brown Park, Westport Road, Taylorsville Road, I-264, I-64, and much more! The boundaries of St. Matthews are Cannons Lane to the west, I-264 to the south and east, and Brownsboro Road to the north.

Key Statistics & Facts

*The median listing price for Indian Hills is approximately $278,000.

*The median selling price for Indian Hills is approximately $230,000.

*The median age of an Indian Hills resident is 43.

*The average price of homes currently on the market in St. Matthews is $204,870.

Top Restaurants

Havana Rumba | 4115 Oechsli Avenue, Louisville, KY 40207

Simply Thai | 323 Wallace Avenue, Louisville, KY 40207

Wild Eggs | 3985 Dutchmans Lane, Louisville, KY 40207

Café Lou Lou | 106 Sears Avenue, Louisville, KY 40207

Lotsa Pasta | 3717 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY 40207

Nearby Schools

St. Matthews Elementary School | 601 Browns Lane, Louisville, KY 40207

Dunn Elementary School | 2010 Rudy Lane, Louisville, KY 40207

Holy Trinity School | 423 Cherrywood Road, Louisville, KY 40207

Trinity High School | 4011 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, KY 40207

Waggener High School | 330 S. Hubbards Lane, Louisville, KY 40207

Featured St....

The River Valley Guide to Indian Hills

Although the Indian Hills area of Louisville is almost indescribable it can be summed up with a lot of ‘Oohs’, ‘Aahs’, and a few ‘WOWs’! Although the Indian Hills community is only 15 years old it has historic character with a touch of modern beauty. In 2000 Indian Hills, KY ranked as the population with the highest-income in the state and 93rd in the entire country. Today Indian Hills still remains one of the most prestigious areas in the United States and has become a haven for young families as well as retirees looking for a comfortable area to settle.

Indian Hills simply has it all: the area is minutes away from the Louisville Country Club, Brownsboro Road, Blankenbaker Lane, I-264, I-71, Frankfort Avenue, the Ohio River, and is near other prestigious areas such as Mockingbird Valley, St. Matthews, Glenview and the Historic Locust Grove house. It will be tough to find homes in Louisville that can top the beautiful Indian Hills homes!

Key Statistics & Facts

*The median listing price for Indian Hills is approximately $270,000.

*The median selling price for Indian Hills is approximately $220,000.

*The median age of an Indian Hills resident is 43.

*The average price of homes currently on the market in Old Louisville is $719,737.

Top Restaurants

Café Fraiche | 3642 Brownsboro Road, St. Matthews, KY 40207

Gasthaus German Restaurant | 4812 Brownsboro Center, Louisville, KY 40207

Shiraz Mediterranean Grill | 2226 Holiday Manor Center #1, Louisville, KY 40222

Pat’s Steak House | 2437 Brownsboro Road, Louisville, KY 40206

Nearby Schools

Chenoweth Elementary School | 3622 Brownsboro Road, Louisville, KY 40207

Dunn Elementary School | 2010...

The River Valley Group Guide to Old Louisville

There are quite a few areas of Louisville that are breath taking and contains some of the most remarkable and important architecture in the city; Old Louisville is one of those areas. Filled with amazing designs, wonderful schools, world-renowned museums, and much more, Old Louisville is a premier destination for many homeowners in Kentucky. This historic area can affordable as well; at the moment homes on the market in Old Louisville range from $50,000 to $980,000!

According to the area is a National Preservation District and is the third largest in the entire nation. Furthermore, Old Louisville is the largest Victorian district in the United States. There is an area population of roughly 17,000 people in addition to the students that come from all cross the world to learn at the University of Louisville. No matter where you choose to live in Old Louisville you will be minutes from I-65, Churchill Downs, the Speed Museum, Central Park, a nationally ranked top-50 high school (DuPont Manual), the University of Louisville, and much more.

Key Statistics & Facts

*The median listing price for Old Louisville is approximately $70,000.

*The median selling price for Old Louisville is approximately $52,000.

*The median age of an Old Louisville resident is 27, one of the youngest areas in the city.

*The average price of homes currently on the market in Old Louisville is $246,540

Top Restaurants

610 Magnolia | 610 W. Magnolia, Louisville, KY 40208

Buck’s | 425 W. Ormsby Avenue, Louisville, KY 40208

Granville Inn | 1601 S. Third Street, Louisville, KY 40208

Ollie’s Trolley | 978 S. Third Street, Louisville, KY 40203

Nearby Schools

Noe Middle School | 121 W. Lee St., Louisville,...

VIDEO: 3003 Shaded Creek Court, La Grange, KY 40031

Enjoy this gorgeous Colyer custom-built home quietly tucked away in the beautiful Reserve at L'Esprit. Only minutes from historic LaGrange and I-71, this home provides a tranquil retreat while still being near major shopping, dining, and entertainment as well as easy access for a short commute to downtown Louisville and its surrounding areas. A spacious, open floor plan design yields a warm and inviting feel with plenty of versatile space to suit your every need. Beautiful hardwood flooring, immaculate paint in tasteful colors, an abundance of windows and natural light in every room, crown molding, plenty of kitchen cabinetry and counter space as well as closets-galore are just a fraction of the thoughtful features in this home. The exterior boasts an incredibly detailed landscape, exceptional yard and several lounge areas including the back yard, deck and walkout patio. The home has always been smoke-free and pet-free.

The Reserve at L'Esprit also features a 15 acre scenic park with walking trails, water feature, picnic areas and a full basketball court!

Call Katie today at 502-741-1366 to see this beautiful home in person!

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A Guide to Anchorage!

The city of Anchorage in Kentucky is one of the most historically-rich cities you will find in the entire state. Known for its cool climate due to the plethora of shade from trees, Anchorage was incorporated as a city in 1878 and has formerly been known as ‘Hite’s Mill’ and ‘Hobbs Station’. According to the history of the city Anchorage was named after the estate of riverboat captain James W. Goslee as well as the fact that an anchor that was stolen from him was found in the center of the city.

Anchorage is known for hosting some of the wealthiest citizens in the state, including Yum! Brands CEO David Novak and Papa John’s founder John Schnatter, who owns over 5% of the land in Anchorage. There are nearly 2,400 residents in the city of Anchorage according to the 2010 census. Only minutes away from the city of Anchorage you will find Tom Sawyer Park, Shelbyville Road, and Westport Road.

Key Statistics & Facts

*The median listing price for Anchorage is approximately $210,000.

*The median selling price for Anchorage is approximately $232,000.

*The median age of an Anchorage resident is 42.

*The average price of homes currently on the market in Anchorage is $853,515.

Top Restaurants

Selena’s | 10609 Lagrange Road, Louisville, KY 40223

Limestone Restaurant | 10001 Forest Green Boulevard, Louisville, KY 40223

Village Anchor Pub & Roost | 11507 Park Road, Louisville, KY 40223

Fiesta Time Mexican Grill | 11320 Maple Brook Drive, Louisville, KY 40241

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse | 3576 Springhurst Boulevard, Louisville, KY 40241

Nearby Schools

Anchorage Public Elementary School | 11400 Ridge Road, Anchorage, KY 40223

Maryhurst Alternative School | 1015 Dorsey Lane, Louisville, KY 40223

Eastern High School | 12400 Old Shelbyville Road, Louisville, KY 40243

Kentucky Country Day School | 4100 Springdale Road, Louisville, KY...

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