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Benefits of Starting Your Own Garden

The month of April is considered National Lawn and Garden Month all across the United States. Although it’s difficult to tell at the moment with snow falling down here in Louisville April is often a great month to start building your own home garden. There are several wonderful benefits to growing your own home garden, including:

  • Better health. Having fresh fruits and vegetables growing right in your backyard increases the likelihood that you eat the foods that you should be putting in your body. According to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association preschool children that ate homegrown fruits and vegetables are more than twice as likely to eat their appropriate amount of daily servings of produce.
  • Better taste. Many of the fruits and vegetables that you are buying from the grocery store have traveled hundreds of miles from the farm and may not be completely fresh. When it’s grown right in your backyard and brought directly to your kitchen you know you are getting fresh food with the best taste possible.
  • Fun outdoor activity. Gardening is a great physical activity that will get you and your family moving. It’s a wonderful way to spend time outdoors, relax, and get a great deal of fresh air.
  • Save money! Considering a packet of seeds generally costs a dollar or less you will see a significant decrease in your grocery bill. If you do it the right away you can save many of the seeds and save them for the cold months when growing is over!

If you have your own home and have the space to build your own garden the benefits are tremendous and are very much worth your time. In celebration of National Lawn and Garden Month the National Garden Association (NGA) has recommended a few wonderful ways to celebrate:

  1. Plant a Row For the Hungry: This campaign was started by the NGA to encourage others to plant an extra row of fruits and vegetables in their garden to donate to local food banks and families in need.
  2. Start a neighborhood garden club: Imagine if your entire neighborhood or street had their own personal garden! Help others eat healthier and save money by encouraging them to start a garden and create a community where everyone can help each other.
  3. Green up your street by picking up trash: National Garden Month is also a great opportunity to take care of your neighborhood in other ways. One easy way is to walk down your street and pick up any trash you see to keep your area beautiful.

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