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Featured Cities in Kentucky

The City of Prospect


The City of Prospect is a 3rd class city in Louisville, KY. It forms part of the Louisville Metro Government and lies partially in Oldham County. The city's Motto is: "Imagine it, Live it!". The City of Prospect is one of the wealthiest communities in Kentucky.

The most well known of Prospect's Parks is Cowley Park. It is the focal point of most of the City's Celebrations. Cowley Park features a traditional Gazebo which can be rentedreserved and used after obtaining a free park usage permit from the City Hall.

Harrods Creek Park is a tucked away part in the City of Prospect. Located deep within the Hunting Creek Subdivision, it is one of Prospect's hidden treasures. The park offers treks for easy to moderate hiking and a taste of the City's diverse wildlife and varied eco-system.